Expat’s Resources

To help you find your feet in your new country it might help to have access to resources that can give you information about the culture, language, cuisine, and everything else you need to know.

Resources for expats in Holland, the Netherlands:

  1. Dutch News.nl; will give you current and breaking news, in English, that will give you an idea of what is important and top priorities in your new country.
  2. Books about the Netherlands; is a perfect way to begin to understand the Dutch people and their way of life. You will find a good selection of books covering culture, doing business, having fun, and just the normal way of living life in this part of the world.  You can find books about Holland in the local library or a bookstore.
  3. International Media; includes various forms of media, not only newspapers but also, magazines, radio, informative websites, and bookstores.
  4. Expat Blogs; will give you lots of information about the daily life in the Netherlands. You will find the best places to meet friends and maybe even some pointers on how to make new friends in your new environment.
  5. Learn Dutch; while most everyone can speak and understand English in Holland, English is also the language that they mostly do business in, they are still very proud of their Dutch language. Dutch people will appreciate the effort you make in learning their language.  Knowing Dutch will also make it easier to meet new friends and also to understand what is being said in the conversations around you.

A country’s culture is strongly linked to the language they speak, therefore, through understanding the language, you can also learn more about their culture, their way of speech and much more.