The prospect of moving to the Netherlands, also known as Holland, can be very exciting.  Starting a new life in the Netherlands you will be living among the tallest, friendliest, beer-loving people in the world.  The people of Holland do not only like beer, they also have an amazing coffee culture.

Holland is a flat country; you will find that getting around in the cities is quite easily done on foot or bicycle.  To ride a bicycle in Holland is a pretty amazing experience; no hills, no traffic jams, no struggling to get a spot to park in, and no carbon emissions.

The Netherlands is surrounded by water and they take full advantage of this.  They need to use all this water and therefore you can go boating, quite the same thing as a picnic on land; this is a chance to socialize outdoors with eating and drinking.  The only differences will be that the scenery changes constantly and you can take a swim in your surroundings.

However, you might find the directness and brutal honesty of the local inhabitants; they’re telling it as it is, to be quite rude.  Directness of speech and honesty is seen as good qualities, and should not be taken as a personal attack on your character.

By accepting the changes you have to make to adjust to your new life and circumstances, your move to the Netherlands can become an enriching and exciting experience.