7 Expat Tips and Advice on How to be Happy in Holland

You moved to The Netherlands.  You did all the stuff you needed to do, registered everywhere and everything, you are insured, you are learning the ins and outs of Dutch culture, to minimize that cultural shock while settling down, you learned a lot and will still learn some more.

Try to laugh while doing the silly things, for instance, driving on the wrong side of the road, that was the right side of the road, not too long ago. If you are still looking for an European Removals Company follow this link

7 Tips and advice from expats:

  1. Go and meet other expats; there are many gatherings organized by expats where you can share experiences and gain more knowledge about your new country.
  2. Call your Family and Friends back home; and tell them all the weird traditions you are learning from the Dutch.
  3. And then share some weird traditions from your own country; with your new Dutch friends. You can all have a laugh together at each and everyone’s weird cultural doings.  In the process, you will get more familiar with the people and the land.
  4. Learn new Dutch words everyday and include a weird Dutch word too, in exchange for learning new words daily, you can teach your new Dutch friends a little bit of English weirdness and slang.
  5. Ride a bicycle for 30 minutes without knowing where you are going; learn more about wherever you arrive.
  6. Wear orange whenever the occasion is there; orange is the Netherlands colour and they will wear it with the slightest hint of a celebration.
  7. Always be kind to others and also to yourself; do not have fun at another person’s expense, have fun together. Be understanding of your new country’s ways and they will try understanding your differences.

Try out the things the Dutch like and do, and teach them some of the things you liked to do in your old country.